Patient Care Technician



The Certified Patient Care Technician program offers a broad foundation of knowledge and skills to prepare students for employment in the healthcare field including both acute and long-term patient care.  The program of study focuses on broad, transferable skills and stresses the understanding and demonstration of the proper and accurate use of required nursing equipment.

This course provides an opportunity to gain the additional competencies and clinical experiences needed to seek employment in a hospital.

Additional instructions in these specialized areas include EKG and Phlebotomy. Job opportunities include, but are not limited to EKG/ Phlebotomy Technician, and Emergency Technician. Patient Care Technician graduates can expect to find employment opportunities in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and placement agencies.

To obtain your Certified Patient Care Technician certificate, you must have a current CNA certified certificate.

DAY: $ Special
EVENING: $ Special
WEEKEND: $ Special
DEPOSIT: $ 100.00