What is a Healthcare Externship?  Prerequisites to Externship placement
Externships are experiential learning opportunities, similar to internships, generally offered by school or training institutions to give students short practical experience in their field of study.

We have developed business partnerships with reputable health and medical organizations to provide students with clinical experiences.  Our partners have been informed of the teaching requirements of ‘hosting’ student externs and have agreed to mentor them in their workplace.

Our partners have certain student requirements in order to ‘host’ them in their workplace.  Some of those requirements may include completion of immunizations, while others may have to pass a formal interview before assignment.  All students must be professional from the start to finish of externship.

The length of time it takes a student to finish their externship is up to their availability. They understand externs have busy schedules.  Most provide some flexibility of the days you will work in order to achieve the required hour.

Students must complete the following to be eligible for externship placement:

  • Current Immunizations (when required) some clinic and hospital partners require current immunizations for student and patient protection. These immunizations must be obtained prior to assignment and at the expense of the student.


  • Background Check / Drug Screen – If you do not have a current background or drug screening, you can contact the School Administrators who should be able to recommend a nearby facility.  Background checks / Drug Screens are good for six (6) month